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Natual Antioxidants

Pine Bark Extract Powder

Proanthocyanidins are a class of polyphenols found in pine bark and can help lower inflammation, promote healthy blood pressure levels, lower oxidation of cholesterol and efficiently scavenge free radicals.

L-Glutathione Reduced Powder

【Other names】: GSH
【Other names】: Yeast fermentation
【Specification】: 98% HPLC
【CAS No.】: 70-18-8
【Molecular formula】: C10H17N3O6S
【Molecular weight】: 307.33
【Appearance】: White crystalline powder
【Particle size】: 95% pass 80 mesh size

Lycopene 6% HPLC

【Botanical Source】: Lycopersicum esculentum
【Part Used】: Fruit
【Active Ingredient】: Lycopene
【Specification】: Lycopene 6% HPLC
【Molecular formula】: C40H56
【Molecular weight】: 536.88
【CAS No. 】: 502-65-8
【EC No. 】: 207-949-1
【Solubility】: soluble in organic solvents
【Appearance】: Dark red powder
【Particle Size】: 80 mesh

Astaxanthin 1%-10% Powder

【Product Name】: Microalga Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract
【Specification】: 1 % -10% assay by HPLC
【Use appropriate】: Protection measures to avoid direct contact
【Origin】: China
【Appearance】: Dark red powder
【Particle size】: 100% pass 80 mesh
【CAS number】: 472-61-7
【Molecular formula】:C40H52O4
【Molar mass】: 596.84 g mol−1
【Benefits】: Anti-oxidant

Lutein 5%-90% HPLC

Marigold Extract Powder
【Latin name】: Tagetes erecta L.
【Part Used】: Flower
【Specifications】: Lutein 5%~90% HPLC; Zeaxanthin 5%~20% HPLC
【Appearance】: Orange Yellow fine powder
【Extract Method】: Grain Alcohol
【Test Method】: HPLC
【CAS No. 】: 127-40-2(Lutein)
【Molecular Formula】: C40H56O2(Lutein)
【Molecular Weight】: 568.87(Lutein)
【Benefits】: Protect eyesight

Resveratrol 98% HPLC

Polygonum cuspidatum extract
【Latin Name】: Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb.et Zucc.
【Other names】: Japanese knotweed extract
【Specification】: Resveratrol 50%, 98% by HPLC
【Extracted Part】: Root
【CAS No.】: 501-36-0
【Molecular Formula】: C14H12O3
【Molecular weight】: 228.25
【Appearance】: Brownish yellow to White Fine Powder
【Particle size】: 80 mesh
【Benefits】: Anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic, anti-oxidant

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (Water-soluble/Fat-soluble)
【CAS No.】: 303-98-0
【Molecular formula】: C59H90O4
【Molecular weight】: 863.36
【Synonyms】: 2,3-Dimethoxy-5-Methyl-6-Decaprenylbenzoquinone
【Appearance】: Orange crystalline powder
【Specifications】: 10%, 20%, 40%, 95%, 98%
【Standard】: Coenzyme Q10 USP34,CP2010, EP6, JP14 standard
【Benefits】: Anti-oxidation, restrains the formation and development of the atherosclerosis; prevent the tumor; adjust the immunization

Curcumin 95% HPLC

Turmeric Root Extract Powder
【Latin Name】: Curcuma longa L
【Other Names】: Jiang Huang, Rhizoma Curcumae Longae, Tumeric, Common Turmeric Rhizome
【Appearance】: Orange yellow Powder
【part used】: Root
【Active Ingredient】: Curcumin
【Specification】: 95% HPLC, 10:1, 20:1TLC
【CAS No.】: 458-37-7
【Molecular formula】: C21H20O6
【Molecular weight】: 368.38
【Storage】:Store in cool dry place and keep from direct light
【Shelf life】: 2 years when properly stored
[Packing]: fiber drum (25kg/drum); aluminum foil bag and carton box(less than 10kg)