SOP for Pine Pollen Powder Cell Wall Cracking(SOP-SB-20618)
1.Pre-production Inspection
1.1, Check the machine is marked with “Cleaned”.
1.2, Check status of the Ultrafine Grinder machine, whether the wirerope and fastening screw
loose, whether the charging basket and other parts in good condition.
1.3, Check whether the air compressor, refrigerating unit and electricity work.

2.Pre-production Inspection
2.1, Turn on the electricity main switch and then start up the refrigerating unit by pressing the
water pump button, cooling water button, refrigerating button in sequence.
2.2, Set up the working time.
2.3, Set up the cooling temperature.
2.4, Feeding the raw pine pollen into charging basket.
2.5, Fix the charging basket on charging basket cart and put the charging basket right underneath
the grinding barrel, press the jacking button to connect the charging basket with grinding barrel,
pull the buckle to ensure the charging basket and grinding barrel are connected tightly.
2.6, After the charging basket is connected; pull out the charging basket cart and press the “Down”
button so that the air cylinder could descend to its lowest position, press the “up-turn” button until
it’s done, then press the “start” button to make the grinder work till the end of the setting time.
2.7, When the setting time ends; long press the “down-turn” button till it stops, and then long press
the “start” button for 30 to 40 seconds to make the cell cracked pine pollen powder fall into the
charging basket.
2.8, Press the “Up” button to make the air cylinder pick up the charging basket, push in the
charging basket cart and loose the buckle to separate the charging basket from grinding barrel,
press the “Down” button to make the basket fall down on the cart, pull out the cart and take out
the charging basket.
2.9, Set the finished cell cracked pine pollen powder in basket aside for about 20 seconds to
dissipate the heat to avoid vapor condensation, and then pack the powder into the food-grade
plastic bags inside and fiber drum outside.
2.10, Repeat the step 2.4 to 2.9 for continuous production.

3. Clean the equipment after the production finished, turn off the electricity and clean up the

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