Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen and Lion’s Mane Extract Tablets

【Specification】: 0.5g/tablet
【Material Used】: Cell cracked pine pollen powder(70%)+Lion's mane extract 30% polysaccharide UV(30%)
【Dosage】: 3-4 tablets a time, twice a day based on different intention.

Pine Pollen Extract

【Botanical Source】: Pinus Massoniana Lamb
【Plant part used】: Raw pine pollen
【Specification】: 10:1, 20:1
【Testing methods】: TLC
【Appearance】: Light brownish to brownish fine powder
【Particle size】: 100% pass 80 mesh

Pine Pollen Tablet

【Botanical Source】: Pinus Massoniana Lamb
【Material used】: Cell wall cracked pine pollen(300mesh)
【Specification】: 10% protein, 0.5g/tablet
【Dosage】: 3-4 tablets a time, twice or three times a day according to individual intention

Pine Pollen Powder

【Botanical Source】: Pinus Massoniana Lamb
【Particle Size】: 250 mesh
【Appearance】: Light yellow fine powder
【Specification】: Cell-broken ratio>98%; Protein>10%