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TCM Adaptogen Herbs

Andrographis Paniculate Extract

【Botanical Source】:Andrographis Paniculata(Burm.F.) Nees
【Plant Part Used】:Whole Herb
【Extract Solvent】:Ethanol
【Active ingredient】:Andrographolide
【CAS NO.】:5508-58-7
【Specification】:10% 20% 30% 50% 98%, 10:1, 20:1
【Test Method】:HPLC and TLC
【Appearance】: <50% Brownish yellow fine powder;>50% Colorless crystal power

Citrus Aurantium Extract

Hesperidin 98% HPLC
【Product Name】:Citrus Aurantium Extract
【Latin Name】:Citrus Aurantium L.
【Part Used】:Peel
【Extract Solvent】:Ethanol
【Active Ingredient】:Hesperidin
【Test Method】:HPLC 【CAS No】:520-26-3
【Molecular Formula】:C28H34O15
【Molecular Weight】:610.55
【Appearance】:Offwhite or Light Yellow powder

White Willow Bark Extract

【Botanical Source】: Salix alba L., Salix purpurea L., Salix fragilis L., and several other species. Family: Salicaceae (willow family)
【Common Names】: Willow , weidenrinde , white willow ( S. alba ), purple osier willow/basket willow ( S. purpurea ), crack willow ( S. fragilis )
【Specification】: Salicin 15%, 25%, 50%, 98%
【Testing method】: HPLC
【CAS No.】: 138-52-3 (Salicin)
【Main Function】: Ease aches and pains, Reduce fevers
【Synonyms】: Salicin (D-(−)-Salicin, salicoside, 2-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl-β-D-glucopyranoside)
【Chemical Name】:(2R,3S,4S,5R,6S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-[2-(hydroxymethyl) phenoxy]oxane-3,4,5-triol
【Molecular Formula】: C13H18O7
【Mol. Wt.】:286.281

Angelica Sinensis Extract

Angelica Sinensis(Dong Gui) Extract Powder
【Latin Name】: Angelica sinensis (Oliv) Diels
【Common Name】:Dong kuai, dang gui, tang-kuei, Chinese angelica
【Part Used】: Root
【Specification】: Ligustilide: 1%, 10:1,20:1
【Test Method】: HPLC/TLC
【Molecular Formula】: C12H14O2
【Molecular Weight】: 190.24
【CAS No】: 4431-01-0
【Appearance】: Light yellow fine powder
【Benefits】: Nourish blood and help menstrual problems

Centella Asiatica Extract

【Family】: Umbelliferae
【Genera】: Centella
【Latin Name】: Centella asiatica(L.)Urba
【Specifications】: Total Asiaticosides 10%-80% HPLC; Asiaticoside 10%,30%,40%,90% HPLC, 10:1, 20:1 TLC
【Appearance】: Yellowish brown powder to white fine powder
【CAS NO.】: 16830-15-2
【Active Ingredient】: Asiaticoside
【Molecular Formula】: C48H78O1
【Molecular Weight】: 959.12
【Soluble Ability】: None soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and pyridine
【Part used】: The whole plant of Centella asiatic
【Application】: Cosmetics or health-care products

Black Polyrachis Ant Extract

【Latin Name】: Polyrachis Roger Vicina
【Active Ingredient】: Mixed polyphenols, Formic acid
【Specification】: 10:1, 20:1, 50:1TLC
【Appearance】: Black brown fine powder
【Particle size】: 95% pass 80 mesh
【Function】: Enhance male sexual function
【Application】: Health-care product

Goji Berry Extract

【Latin Name】: Lycium barbarum L.& Lycium Chinese Mill
【Other Names】: Wolfberry, go qi, Chinese wolfberry
【Part used】: Fruit
【Specification】: Polysaccharides 10% 30% 40%,50% UV,10:1,20:1 TLC
【Appearance】: Light yellow fine powder
【Extract method】: water
【Benefits】: Improve immunity and protect eyesight&liver

100% Pure Fresh Water Pearl Powder

Pearl powder has been used in traditional Chinese medicine with a long history, in the treatment of acne, eye diseases, tuberculosis, to stimulate skin healing and whitening skins.

Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Schisandra Chinensis(Wu Wei Zi) Extract Powder
【Active ingredient】: Schisandrins
【Botanical source】: Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.
【Part used】: Fruit/berry
【Specification】: 1%-9% Schisandrins,10:1,20:1
【Test Method】: HPLC/TLC
【Appearance】: Fine brown yellow to light yellow powder
【Extract method】: Water/Ethanol
【Solubility】:Soluble in alcohol and water
【Usage】: Pharmaceuticals, healthcare